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There are some people who will tell a lie on you, to appear right, so that they don’t have to admit a wrong they have committed. Have you ever had someone do this to you before? Well it just happened to me today. I was two things, one hurt, and two, I was upset. Then the person had the nerve to tell me how to write their instructions down next time, so I could better keep up with what was said! I stated back to that person what they had indeed told me, that I had indeed written it down, and they had the audacity lie again. I have decided I will not waste another moment of my life dealing with this lie. God heard what this person said, I am leaving it in God’s hands, and then I am moving on in Christ. That was when I remembered the words to my prayer.

These are part of the words to a prayer I pray over my life every morning for my household and that of my family.

“I am the blessed of the Lord. The sword of the Lord is drawn against those that seek after my soul. The spear of the Lord is aimed against those Satan has sent to persecute me. No evil communications shall be successful against me because I am God’s favored servant. No curses that are spoken against me, released towards me, or sent my way by the wicked will be successful against me this day. They will not light upon me but slide down to the ground, sterile and non-effective.

My faith is in my prayer, and my faith is in my God. I could place my faith in Satan and his lies, but I choose not to give him any of my precious faith. I am determined to be obedient  to God and forgive this person. In return, I will keep my blessings.

Do you have a daily prayer you pray over yourself and your household? Forgiveness, prayer, and leaving it on the altar are the only ways to regain your peace. I’m calm now. I’ve got my peace back. I think the Devil’s pretty mad now (smiling.)

“The devil can’t handle someone who walks in love.”~Joyce Meyers Ministry




I am simply me, Flowerchic. It's not the name my parents gave me, but I've decided to give myself a nickname. I love my family, life in general, and my pets. I am a true foodie, who loves to cook. I enjoy writing and funny stories, which is why I decided to start my own blog. Sometimes I write funny stuff about life, sometimes I write serious stuff, other times I write about nothing, just to see if I can. I'm a Jesus chic too, and I would not be in my right mind without Him. Life is kooky, so am I sometimes, but God, He never is. He is my Rock. That's pretty much in a nut shell who I am, Flowerchic!

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