Come To The Purple Door With Flowerchic

My journey with God from season to season

Excuse me, God …

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Excuse me, God the great I AM does not need the aid of any other god in guiding, redeeming, protecting, or comforting His people or this nation. He requires no “Props” of man-made gods around Him. He is God all by Himself, and He is more than enough. God is not concerned with the hurt feelings of mankind for their man-made gods, who have no allegiance to Him. God does not “Share” with other gods.~Dianne Crossland



I am simply me, Flowerchic. It's not the name my parents gave me, but I've decided to give myself a nickname. I love my family, life in general, and my pets. I am a true foodie, who loves to cook. I enjoy writing and funny stories, which is why I decided to start my own blog. Sometimes I write funny stuff about life, sometimes I write serious stuff, other times I write about nothing, just to see if I can. I'm a Jesus chic too, and I would not be in my right mind without Him. Life is kooky, so am I sometimes, but God, He never is. He is my Rock. That's pretty much in a nut shell who I am, Flowerchic!

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