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It is finished! Got up a 6:00 a. m. took Caity out and started putting up my wall bracket for my last hanging flower basket. Planted all my flowers I had bought last week. Went out and got more flowers, dirt, and mulch. Pulled my wagon out, unloaded the car. BTW, that is the best find of all my pickins, that wagon! Had morning coffee break in between plantings, talked on the iPhone, and dozed off in my Adirondack chair. Worked some more, got thirsty and hungry. Ate off the $1 menu at Micky D’s, lunched at the park and rested at a picnic table under a nice shade tree. Got more energy, came back and planted rest of flowers, fertilized the rose bush, talked to neighbors walking by my house and had some good laughs, while eating up compliments about my old fashion rose bush! LOL Swept off the front steps, cleaned up my mess, surveyed my display of flower pots I arranged, and determined I was done for the day!

The lawn people are going to hate me for that flower pot arrangement I made up. But they will get over it. Ha! Actually, they fixed the bricks around my Hosta bed I noticed. I was so shocked! Wasn’t that just nice! I try to keep everything tidy and out of their way, so they can mow and weed eat without bother. I guess that was payback! Or them just being kind. 

All I have to do next weekend is plant my tomato plants, put my mulch around my rose bush, and flowers and do nothing but water, fertilize, and harvest the rest of the summer! I am so blessed! I have more energy this year than I have had in a long time. Never give up, for God is a good God!




I am simply me, Flowerchic. It's not the name my parents gave me, but I've decided to give myself a nickname. I love my family, life in general, and my pets. I am a true foodie, who loves to cook. I enjoy writing and funny stories, which is why I decided to start my own blog. Sometimes I write funny stuff about life, sometimes I write serious stuff, other times I write about nothing, just to see if I can. I'm a Jesus chic too, and I would not be in my right mind without Him. Life is kooky, so am I sometimes, but God, He never is. He is my Rock. That's pretty much in a nut shell who I am, Flowerchic!

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