Come To The Purple Door With Flowerchic

My journey with God from season to season


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Come hear what I have heard. For every crisis in America, God has been in our midst. Remember this, there are no secrets or hidden agendas from God. There is no hiding of sin. There is no running from sin. There is no fooling God. He is aware of it all. Do not be dismayed, for nothing is outside of His control. Nothing God has created can tie His hands or bind His feet from moving on our behalf, and God is the Creator of all things. For every crisis in America, watch and wait patiently for your eyes to adjust, so that you may see our Deliverer.

No President can override God, or veto God’s Plan for America. No government body can legislate God out of anything God has created, and this nation was created by God.  So forever decree, “We are one nation under God, and no man or woman, nor their man-made gods can do a thing to change that fact.” For every crisis that strikes, I will pray, and I will look for God-who is present with The Plan. My ears may not be adjusted to hear, and my eyes may not be adjusted to see The Plan of God right away, but never the less, God is speaking solution to the crisis.




I am simply me, Flowerchic. It's not the name my parents gave me, but I've decided to give myself a nickname. I love my family, life in general, and my pets. I am a true foodie, who loves to cook. I enjoy writing and funny stories, which is why I decided to start my own blog. Sometimes I write funny stuff about life, sometimes I write serious stuff, other times I write about nothing, just to see if I can. I'm a Jesus chic too, and I would not be in my right mind without Him. Life is kooky, so am I sometimes, but God, He never is. He is my Rock. That's pretty much in a nut shell who I am, Flowerchic!

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