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If God Doesn’t Agree With It, Don’t You As The Redeemed Go Off On A Limb And Agree With It

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“I tell you the truth, whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.

I love how Christ is always forthcoming, never mincing His Words, never allowing any grey matter in his speech in how the kingdom of God works.

The word permit according to the dictionary, means to allow access, to let thru, to send.

In recent weeks, the state of Illinois has been considering same-sex marriage, which as those of us who are of the Redeemed by Christ know, is not acceptable, nor sanctioned by God. God flat out does not mince His words in how He feels about homosexuality. In the months leading up to the vote, according to the secular media, the vote permitting same-sex marriage was toted as being a slam dunk, don’t even waste your time praying against it. So much so, they almost had me convinced. But not so fast! Within my Spirit I was lead to pray against the passage of this law, because I read my Word, and God was quite clear where He stood, and where I, as a Redeemed follower was to stand with Him. So knowing His will, I prayed that His will be done in permitting the passage of this law for the people of Illinois. Not only did I pray, but a whole lot of Redeemed followers of Christ prayed God’s will. Over and over again I read in the news how the vote would be overwhelming, only a few would vote against it. But you know what, one or two plus more prayed in the name of Jesus against this, and this law did not pass.

The word permit is a two-edged sword in God’s kingdom. You can permit good in and you can permit evil in. In the passage above, You can also forbid good in and forbid evil in. Jesus Christ does not mince His words, which are the same as the Father’s words. What we as the Redeem permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. We are the Redeemed. We are not sinners anymore. God has given us free will. If we choose to live with sin all around us as the Redeemed and do nothing about it, guess what? God will allow it.

But thank God for as Paul Harvey says, “…For the rest of the story! 

Matthew 18:19-20 New Living Translation (NLT)

“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

A special note, it is always good to read the whole bible and have a relationship with God to where you can interpret from His word where He stands on all issues, because even though God hates a sin, He still loves the sinner. It is always God’s desire that the sinner become the Redeemed thru Christ Jesus. Never expect to win God’s approval of any sin under the sun, because it will never happen. For true happiness, leave the sin behind, and follow after God’s approval. 




I am simply me, Flowerchic. It's not the name my parents gave me, but I've decided to give myself a nickname. I love my family, life in general, and my pets. I am a true foodie, who loves to cook. I enjoy writing and funny stories, which is why I decided to start my own blog. Sometimes I write funny stuff about life, sometimes I write serious stuff, other times I write about nothing, just to see if I can. I'm a Jesus chic too, and I would not be in my right mind without Him. Life is kooky, so am I sometimes, but God, He never is. He is my Rock. That's pretty much in a nut shell who I am, Flowerchic!

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